PRACTICE HOURS: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 6:00pm | Saturday 8:30am – 12:00pm | Sunday CLOSED

Phone: 08 9279 9980 | Fax: 08 9279 1390

Why the fee?

Medicare has not kept up with rising costs of running a quality Accredited General Practice.

We do not wish to cut corners, or “churn” patients through rapidly.

We put in the time and effort to work with you to provide the best possible health outcomes. This often saves you money in the long run!

Medicare does not cover the full cost of providing you with medical health care.

This is because the rate at which the government have indexed the Medicare Schedule fees has been substantially lower than increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and average weekly earnings.

The reality is that Medicare rebates do not cover the cost of providing you with a safe and high-quality service and we are solely owned and the fees we charge must cover all our practice costs.

Billings (as from 19.8.2019)

We Bulk Bill All Centrelink Concession Card Holders and children, Between 8.30am and before 5pm Monday to Friday.

Medicare does not cover Motor Vehicle, Third Party and Workers Compensation
Saturday appointments are Privately Billed for all patients,
Private Billing after 5pm to 6pm Monday to Friday,

Up to 20-minute appointments $77.50 (Medicare rebate $38.20)
20 to 40-minute appointments $112.50 (Medicare rebate $73.95)
40 and onwards appointments $145.00 (Medicare rebate $108.85)


Private Fee*

Consultation Item No Patient will pay Medicare Rebate GAP
Quick-Level A (less than 6 minutes) 3 $51.00 $18.95 $32.05
Brief – Level B (6-19 minutes) 23 $88.00 $41.40 $46.60
Standard – Level C (20-39 minutes) 36 $127.00 $80.10 $46.90
Long – Level D (40-59 minutes) 44 $165.00 $118.00 $47.00
Prolonged – Level E (more than 60 minutes) 123 $238.00 $191.20 $46.80

We BULK BILL all patients under the age of 16 years and over 65 years with a Centrelink Concession Card

Medicare does not cover employment or similar medical examinations, and these will be privately billed.

*Fees subject to change without notice

Intravenous Ferinject (Iron Infusion)

Upfront Fee Consultation Medicare Rebate Consumables Patient out of pocket
Private $153.00 $78.00 $38.75 $75.00 $114.25
Centrelink $129.00 $54.00 $38.75 $75.00 $90.25
Bulk Billed $120.25 $45.25 $38.75 $75.00 $81.50

For excisions, iron infusions, vaccinations, care plans or if you are unsure please contact reception on 9279 9980.

Missed Appointment Fee

Missed appointments could be an appointment someone else urgently needs.
We ask that you cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend or no longer require it.

Missed appointments may incur a fee, and no further appointments will be available until this fee is paid. This fee is not eligible for a Medicare rebate.