Preventive Medicine & Health Assessments

Six week Mother & Baby Health Check: This is recommended for all new mums and babies to help identify any areas of concern. Ask reception now to be booked in with your regular GP and our Registered Nurse.

Western Australian Childhood And Adult Vaccine Schedule: Immunisation of children according to national guidelines is strongly encouraged by this practice. Immunisation schedules can be confusing however, and our doctors are happy to advise on all aspects of Immunisation. Ask reception now to be booked in with your regular GP and our Registered Nurse. For further information please contact

Travel Vaccinations & Travel Medicine: Where possible, please try to plan these around1 ½ months in before your trip. You may wish to discuss precautions for Malaria and diarrhoea, and other medical matters. It is recommended that all travellers carry a list of medications they will be carrying with them. We are happy to assist with such documentation.

Health Assessments recommended:

  • Did you know that there is a specific Health Assessment for people aged 45 - 49 years to identify and screen for preventable and treatable chronic conditions.
  • Are You over 75 years of age? If so, you are eligible for a yearly aged care health assessment? The 75+ health assessment is designed to assess general health, and identify any areas of concern including nutritional status, home safety & independence, falls prevention and mental health.

Chronic Disease Management:
The doctors and nurses at Walter Road East General Practitioners specialize in the management of chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease. Your GP can prepare a Management Plan which contains:

  • A Personal Health Record
  • An assessment of health care needs
  • An assessment of treatments required
  • Ongoing health care required
  • Community services likely to be required
  • Management goals

Patients Recalls: Our practice utilizes an automated recall system that generates recall letters for important tests and reviews such as pap smears, blood tests, immunisations and medical reviews. Our doctors vet these letters before sending. NB. Recalls are sent as a courtesy service. It is the recipient’s responsibility to act on the advice and to let your doctor know if you do not want to be recalled.

Test Results: We urge all patients to obtain results of tests and investigations that they have had. Appointments are preferred for checking results however at the doctor’s discretion, some results are available by phone or from reception. Where some explanation of results is required, an appointment is usually required.